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Friday, March 4, 2011

Something Old, Something New

This morning, as I struggled to decide what post to publish- an idea hit me.  Every Friday, my two best buds from Grad school and I have an email ritual.  It's called Friday check-in. Basically, we email each other an update of all the weeks ups and downs. It's a way to catch up and still feel like we are seeing each other on a regular basis. Since we are all busy with full-time jobs, social media endeavors and planning our weddings, it is a nice way to stay on top of all the things we do in between emails and phone conversations. Today's post will be a true Friday update – I  attended some great events this week and a lot happened regarding past vendors and new ones as well. So, I present for your reading pleasure- Engaged With A Cause’s first Friday check-in.

My fiancé and I, along with some friends, went to the Dear New Orleans event at Bayou here in DC.  I am happy to report that the evening was a lot of fun and that Bayou’s po-boy bread is 100% New Orleans authentic (it is shipped from NOLA daily).  But I digress, Dear New Orleans did a fantastic job and we are thrilled to have them do our rehearsal dinner in New Orleans in October. The proceeds from Monday’s event, and those from our dinner, will go to For more on, see Monday’s post or their website.

 If you can’t tell the group had New Orleans food on our minds...
Tuesday shoesday- I finally found some comfortable shoes for my friend Rach’s wedding, which is in just about two weeks!  While the shoes don’t benefit a charity, they are environmentally friendly and ultra comfy. The shoes are from Naturalizer’s new eco-friendly line, Naya. Naya is committed to softening not just your personal footprint, but our collective global footprint as well.  The Naya collection strives to include vegetable-tanned leathers and linings, natural or recycled content fabrics, water-based cements, footbeds containing natural cork, outsoles containing natural materials, boxes made with 80% recycled paper pulp, soy-based inks and water-based glue and reusable shoe bags and shoe forms made with recycled PET.
Cute, huh? shoes that my feet, and soul will feel good about (cheesy, I know).
The bridesmaid dresses are all ordered! In my February 13 post, I mentioned that the bridesmaid dresses, which are being custom designed and hand made by designer Elizabeth St. John, will go to building women’s schools in countries such as Afghanistan and Haiti. Ten percent will help these worthwhile causes. In talking to Liz about her charitable work I uncovered her passion for all things apes- so, we also ordered two trial skinny ties for my fiancé, 20% of which will benefit the Red Apes. 

A special shout out to Kristin at Rose Pedals vegan wedding website for her great article on Engaged with a Cause that came out yesterday.  While I am not vegan, I think vegan weddings represent many of the principles of holding a socially conscious event- less waste, eco-friendly products, not to mention the obvious benefit of having a healthy, cruelty-free event. Kristin just launched her website last month and it is meant to be a go to guide for all things Vegan and wedding related, including vegan wedding planners, bakers, cosmetics and much more. Whether or not you are vegan, Rose Pedals will give you great ideas on how to incorporate veganism into both your wedding and your daily life. Also, keep an eye-out for her Engaged With A Cause inspired charitable resources page, which is coming soon.

NEST-  I first mentioned NEST in my December 28th post on gifts that give back. Since then, I have joined the local DC chapter of NEST, which is almost entirely run by volunteers. Last night, NEST held a spectacular event at the Moroccan Ambassador’s residence here in DC. All proceeds from the event went to helping NEST fulfill its mission of empowering female artists and artisans around the world by helping them create successful small businesses and giving them a fair marketplace to sell their goods. I had the privilege of meeting NEST founder Rebecca Kousky at the event and hearing her speak about all the women that NEST is empowering.  The whole night was inspiring to my fiance and I.  Check out some of NEST’s Moroccan made products here.

The Moroccan made Hayat tote.
Also in my December 28th post were the very unique, Falling Whistles. If you recall from my previous post, my best friend Christin bought me a falling whistle necklace for Christmas and 100% of the proceeds benefit rehabilitating child soldiers from the Congo (DRC). Christin just filled me in this morning on Falling Whistle’s new campaign, which is designed to raise awareness about the DRC's decision to hold elections in November (only the third election in the DRC’s history). As part of this campaign, Falling Whistles just released two new color whistles – bronze and copper. 

The Falling Whistle necklace in Copper.

I hope this weekly round up was informative and that it inspires you all to re-visit some of the causes I've already blogged on and discover some new ones too. Happy Friday!

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