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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Showered with Generosity

Last weekend was my bridal shower, which was hosted by my Aunt Melissa and Aunt Kathleen, as well as my cousins, Becca and Laura. The whole event was just perfect – and eco-friendly too.

In accordance with the “green” theme, the invites were printed on recycled paper and featured a nature pattern. Not only were the invites, eco-friendly, but the entire party was – no paper materials or plastic utensils were used. My lovely hostesses created a great mix n’ match vibe with different style porcelain plates, silverware, and linens that gave the party a vintage vibe that suited my style and saved a lot of waste!
The food was super delish too – and almost completely vegetarian. Becca, my cousin who helped host the shower, has been a strict vegetarian for almost 20 years and she made sure that the party was virtually meat free – there were a few finger sandwiches with meat in them. Overall, the spread was full of local, delicious fruit and veggie options. Including my personal favorites, my cousin Amy’s phyllo dough wrapped asparagus and my cousin Laura’s fruit pizza. Yum!

 Rather than display cut flowers on the tables, they decorated with small succulent plants. According to Planet, succulent plants require less water than most plants and "can last forever, while cut flowers die out in a week,” making them an attractive, eco-friendly option. Some brides are even choosing to incorporate them in their "green bouquets."

At my shower, the little succulents were not only super cute decorations - they were great favors too. All the guests were encouraged to take one, two, or even three of the little plants home as favors from the shower.

I had a fantastic time at my shower. It was very relaxing and low-key. I even got some charitably inspired gifts. My best buddy and bridesmaid, Christin, got me a bottle of flipflop wine. For every bottle of flipflop wine purchased, Soles4Souls distributes a pair of shoes to someone in need.

Soles4Souls, which began as, was founded to help people who had lost everything following natural disasters. The Nashville-based charity collects shoes from individuals, as well as from the warehouses of footwear companies and then distributes the shoes to people in need. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 14 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes to people in over 127 countries!

Now, Soles4Souls has partnered with companies to be shoe drop-off locations, making it even easier for people to donate their shoes and help those in need around the world. Check out their site to find a drop-off site near you!

I can’t begin to thank my friends and family enough for all they have done to support me, and my “engagement” with a cause over the past year – from buying me charitable jewelry to running book drives to cleaning a hundred dishes to avoid wasting paper. I truly appreciate it!


  1. I JUST bought a bottle of Flip Flop wine because I thought it was fun but I had no idea it had a charitable effort behind it! Your shower looks lovely! That means the wedding is almost here!!!

  2. That's great! It is delicious wine for a great price and yes, I'm getting excited about the wedding :)