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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inspirational Décor

I have to apologize for my extremely long hiatus- I'm not done...yet. Admittedly, I'm facing some tough challenges about what to do with the blog post-wedding. With growing demands at work and the close of one chapter in my life, I'm exploring what my next steps are. For now though, I'll try to get some more posts and updates on where engaged with a cause is going. I hope to not have any more big breaks like this one...a honeymoon in Japan with little internet access, a hectic work schedule, hosting Thanksgiving, and now the holiday season, have not helped me get much blogging done! I have to say an email from a reader who is planning her own charitable wedding and is using my blog as a resource snapped me out of my funk and made me want to post- so here it is!

In this post I wanted to highlight the beautiful decor at my wedding. Luckily, during my blog-free holiday, I got my wedding pics! A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well, the decorations at my wedding were stunning. I mean I literally couldn’t have pictured them to be more beautiful. This is due in no small part to the talents of my wedding planner Emily Sullivan and her team at Get Polished Events and my florist Christine McKay and her sister and all the other all-stars at Les Deux Soeurs. I'm glad my photographer, Jessica of Fine Arts Exposure, was able to capture all the great details. Here are a few shots of the big day!

Not only were the table decorations gorgeous, but our personal bouquets and boutonnieres were perfect too. What made the flowers even more special is that many of them came from Christine’s own garden – including the fantastic smelling basil that feathered my bouquet.

Speaking of feathers, Christine dotted the bouquets and boutonnieres with cruelty free feathers, including some beautiful ones from my cousin Becca’s chickens.
Becca and I look for her chickens' feathers,

Rather than let anything to go to waste, Christine used the leftover Eco-friendly fabric from the bridesmaid dresses to wrap the base of the bouquets and to craft little green purses for the flower girls to carry.

 The bouquets themselves had vases waiting for them at the reception site- each bridesmaid’s bouquet went in a vase on top of each bar table.

The tables themselves were decorated using primarily reusable and sustainable materials. There were three different types of centerpiece that varied throughout the reception venue. The tables were either adorned with stalks of wheat, Terra cotta potted herbs, or branches with votive candles.  Each table had  “autumn” elements, such as loose acorns and pecans splayed on the table.  Unlike flowers, these centerpieces can last along time or be used for cooking (the herbs, pecans).

After the reception, Les Deux Soeurs picked up all the remaining arrangements (a few potted herb plants seemingly grew legs and walked out the door) and brought them to St. Francis Villa.

St. Francis Villa is an assisted living facility in New Orleans. Christine and her team frequently donate arrangements to the Villa in hopes of cheering up its elderly residents. I’m glad the beautiful arrangements from my ceremony and reception were able to bring cheer to others, even after the last dance.

Thanks to Les Deux Soeurs for making our wedding day absolutely beautiful inside and out!


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  3. Where is this venue for the reception? I love it!

  4. Thank you, Robert! Amanda- so sorry that I just saw this, but the reception venue was The Foundry in New Orleans, LA.