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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Snapshot of a Great Cause

While organizing files on my computer, I stumbled across some of my favorite wedding pictures. With our one year anniversary just around the corner, it was nice to reflect back on what was a wonderful day for us both. During the trip down memory lane, I found pictures that Dear New Orleans took at our rehearsal dinner too. 

Dear New Orleans is essentially an interactive photo booth.  The photographers came to our rehearsal dinner at Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar (if you're from Nola- you know the place) and took pictures of our friends and loved ones holding up signs, chalkboards and bare hands with notes ranging from how they met us to well wishes for our wedding day. 

My beautiful bridesmaids on how they met me.
And yes, that does say close wombs-
my cousin Laura and I are only months apart.
Don’t worry- the markers were all dry erase, so we didn't have any sharpie tattoos at the wedding :)

The idea is original, but what made Dear New Orleans a must-do for us, was their socially conscious commitment.   Dear New Orleans gives 10% of their net revenue to, which assists with New Orleans’ public evacuation during disasters, such as the recent evacuation for Hurricane Isaac. 

I can't say enough about what a great addition Dear New Orleans was to our wedding festivities.  To learn more about Dear New Orleans or you can check out my post "Love Notes that Save Lives." Here are just a few more shots that made me smile:

Our friends Casey and Emily.
Andrew went to prom with Emily and Casey was one of our groomsmen.
Our nieces + Andrew's sis and brother in law.
How cute is my mom?
My sister and her boyfriend Robert's awesome and nerdy well-wishes.


  1. Those are so sweet! Great idea and a great cause.

  2. I love Casey and Emily's picture! And your mom is really cute :)